Shadow Unit


Special Agent Hafidha Gates

Age 30

Hafidha made a lateral move to the FBI from the Secret Service fairly recently, for reasons that are not explicit in her personnel file. She's a certified small-arms instructor and a competent field agent, but that's not her real gift.

Hafidha is a hacker, and a damned good one. She's never happier than when she's up to her elbows in some recalcitrant piece of hardware, unless it's when she's ferreting out backdoors and cracking passwords.

She's a tall African-American woman who dresses as gothy as the market will bear (nobody wants to know what the WTF is doing down there behind the door at the end of the hall, anyway) and changes her hairstyle twice a month, if not more. She was the adopted child of privileged hippy parents who allowed her to accelerate her education. A college graduate by age 19, she became lead software developer for a successful startup--until she was bought out. Financially comfortable and bored, she went looking to do something useful with her life.

Catching financial fraudsters for the Department of the Treasury seemed like a logical next step, but something happened. She became drastically ill; her relationship with her fiance crumbled; at work--all she had left--her reliability and security clearance were questioned.

Eventually her health improved, and Stephen Reyes recruited her into the FBI and Shadow Unit.

Hafidha is cocky, charming, forthright, intelligent, and intimidating as hell. She likes to go out dancing, loves to flirt, and has no hesitation in asking a guy out. In fact, she's not afraid of much. She loves her teammates and her new life, and the past is prologue. Just ask her: nothing can touch her now.

She's also not especially fussy about where she draws the line on using what she knows, as long as she feels she's using her powers for good. Piss Hafidha off, and your credit rating will go to hell, your spam filter will fail, the IRS notice about the audit will show up tomorrow, and you will never figure out which impound lot your car was towed to.