Shadow Unit


Supervisory Special Agent Daniel Brady (Second Lieutenant, United States Army)

Age 36

Brady is an outrageously handsome blond with an exceptional physique. His team mates call him The Cowboy behind his back. Like Lau, he's a boxer and a kickboxer. Like Gates, he's a competition shooter. He's also a former college athlete, and he was--this would be surprising to his coworkers--an amateur theatre geek and a fairly good community theatre actor, all the way up through his time in the Dallas police.

He looks like beefcake, which is his disguise; though he's an ass-kicker, he's also very subtle and analytical, is extraordinarily good at reading other people, getting inside their heads, predicting their next move. He can make people see what he wants them to see. He and Worth are the ones who are best at reading crime scenes (in the absence of Reyes, who seems to do it as if he really had been there).

He began his law enforcement career in the military police, and after receiving an honorable discharge, he joined the police department in Dallas, working homicide. Local law enforcement wasn't enough for him, though. He needed to make a difference on a bigger scale, and that led him to the F.B.I.

At Quantico, he attended one of Reyes' anomalous crimes lectures, and knew immediately that this was where his life's work was leading him.

Brady doesn't spend a lot of time on self-analysis. A profile is something you point at the bad guys. Whatever his personal history with the anomaly is, he's on the opposite side from Reyes when it comes to dealing with it. Yeah, it would be great to know where it comes from, what it is, how to spot it--but when it shows up, you empty the clip and slap in another, and cry about it later.

When everyone else is being too fucking clever, Brady cuts through to the straightforward. He has adopted Chaz as a protegé and little brother, alternately teasing him and helping him over the hard parts, and he has a bond of shared military experience with Todd and Falkner, but his best friend on the team is Nicolette Lau. They both know they're an unlikely pair, and they revel in the reactions of those who don't know them.

His mom is a retired pharmacist. His dad is a radiologist. Neither of them understand why their talented son sought a career in law enforcement. His friendships tend to be the sort you can walk away from--the favorite waitress in the coffee shop, work colleagues.