Shadow Unit


Madeline Frost, M.D., Ph.D.

Age 47

Dr. Frost is Shadow Unit's on-call forensic specialist, but really that's just a hobby. Her day job is as an oncological pathologist at Johns Hopkins. She specializes in brain cancer.

She never sees a living patient, except in pieces.

Frost is a small Caucasian woman, plump, unassuming, with deft strong hands and close-cut, salt-and-pepper hair. She was orphaned at age 16, when her father--her only surviving relative--was killed in a car accident that Frost walked away from. The home she left at the time of his death was abusive and troubled. There's a family history of mental illness on both sides.

Her early history--or perhaps her genetics--left a mark. Frost lives alone. She works alone, except for necessary contact with her peers. The Chief Pathologist who is her supervisor has a standing order to his staff that Frost is never allowed to come in contact with a patient or a patient's family.

She is without compassion or empathy--fascinated by human bodies and completely uninterested in human beings. She autopsies victims for the SU, reports her findings, and exhibits not one trace of interest in the outcome of any of the cases, except inasmuch as her own findings are correct or incorrect.

Her enmity towards the anomaly is similar to her enmity towards cancer. They are broken systems, to Frost, patterns that will not resolve. They do not follow the rules, and therefore she opposes them with the tools at her command.

She seems to have absolutely no understanding of what causes emotional pain--or any emotion at all--in humans, and absolutely no connection with other living creatures. The WTF agents are evenly divided on whether she's a sociopath, a psychopath with extremely well-developed compensatory mechanisms, way down the autism spectrum, or merely a space alien.

In her spare time, she likes crossword puzzles, origami, and instrumental jazz.