Shadow Unit

Case Files

Teasers & Deleted Scenes

Baltimore, MD, April, 2007.

The woman standing by the crosswalk shoved a flyer at Hafidha. "Have you found Jesus?"

Hafidha stopped. "No." She held eye contact until the woman--white, middle-aged, suburban upper middle class, not the usual profile for a streetcorner proselytizer--shifted nervously. Then she smiled and took the flyer. "But if I see him, I'll tell him you're looking for him."

She was two blocks away before she looked at the flyer in her hand. Kinko's made professional-looking flyers possible for the rankest of amateurs, but whoever had made this one had a good eye for graphic design. THE TRUTH IS REVEALED UNTO US, it said. THE LIVING WORD OF GOD WILL SPEAK TO YOU. 7 P.M., EVERY WEDNESDAY. And then an address that was almost certainly a store-front.

Something about it tickled at her bullshit detector. But--photocopy, no love there. She muttered under her breath: "Stupid-ass old-skool ink-on-paper information delivery system." No seeing pretty colors here, even if this chatty Living Word of God was made of jam.

But then, the world was crammed full of non-anomaloid kooks. Odds were against it. And people didn't just hand you the start of a case file on a street corner. So, no.

It still tickled.

She'd bet they had an online presence. Hell, her dry cleaner had an online presence. Take maybe five minutes to find 'em. Nobody would miss five minutes out of her otherwise-productive day...