Shadow Unit

Getting Started

Hi there.

You're probably wondering what you've stumbled upon and how to start enjoying it.

Shadow Unit is a science fictional story about a group of unrealistically sexy FBI agents struggling to protect humanity from the worst monsters imaginable. Except some of our heroes may be on the road to becoming monsters themselves....

Shadow Unit is also an experiment in creating fiction optimized for the worldwide web; as such, it's a narrative which you as a reader can choose to engage with on a number of levels. You can treat it as a serial (or a virtual television show): subscribe to the RSS feed and read the new episodes and interstitial vignettes as they're posted. You'll have access to a self-contained narrative that way, and you need never delve deeper.

All posted episodes and vignettes are available on the "Suggested Reading Order" page on our wiki.

Shadow Unit is also accessible via e-reader. Current episodes are available on the Episodes page. Seasons One and Two are available as fan-created epubs, and more formal versions (and dead tree versions!) are coming soon.

If that's not enough content, or you crave a richer experience, portions of the Shadow Unit narrative universe are also real-time and interactive. There are character LiveJournals, where you can talk to your favorite fictional people (as long as you remember that you know more about them than you are supposed to!), a message board where you can compare notes with fellow fans, and a Wiki full of useful information and spoilers.