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Ravencraft First Epoch Gallery

Spawn town- New folks are encouraged to pick up some basic gear at the community storage
building before heading off into the wilderness. Established players can build shops, or
use one of the available prebuilt shops. The public brewing and enchanting building has
facilities for the use of all.

The post office and some prebuilt shops on the main square in spawn.

There are also market stalls available, for folks who don't need a whole shop to sell
their wares.

Our map has an extensive road system, with public shelters for travelers, courtesy of

Anna's bridges never fail to impress.

We also have nether tunnel system, for those who don't want to take the scenic route.

I hear someone has been working on a rail system in the nether....

We're currently working on a community build- Winter harbor is a new town being
established in the distant west. All are welcome to come build a snowy getaway spot, and
there's an optional build contest!

SwampDonkey has been building an impressive base, ruled over by an ornate manor house.

MACHOMAN Has constructed a well appointed inn for weary travelers, complete with horse

Have you ever thought to yourself "What if I made a yin and yang symbol the size of the
tri-state area?" umopepisdn thought that. And then he found out.

What's under that yin-yang, though? A massive guardian farm.

Not content with farming mobs, umo has a collection of villagers. They look well cared

Raff Dae's house is in one of the prettiest flower forest valleys I've seen.

Deathbender joined us recently and is busily working on a sugarcane and mob empire. We
expect great things.

JM33_Wiz has constructed a magnificently atmospheric nether portal. Visitiors are
cautioned to bring an elytra.

FERCAB is more of a collector. He's been working on acquiring raid banners, mob heads, and
apparently dogs. He's got a raid farm like you wouldn't beleive.

Good Lord, how long did Obheron spend mining blackstone?!?! How ever long it took, #worth.

Ponce is turning a mushroom island into a futuristic base!

Xienah engineered this imressive nether portal. What do you become king of if you pull
this one out?

Larissa's nether tunnel is cheery, and seasonal!

Fluffy has an iron farm going. We have dedicated server hardware, and redstone farms are
allowed, though constructing with an eye to minimizing lag is encouraged.

And there's plenty of unspoiled wilderness left. Come join a friendly community of players
at mc.ravensburg.org
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