Shadow Unit

Case Files

Teasers & Deleted Scenes

Somewhere in America, March 2009

They settle into the plum-colored SUV: Brady driving, Todd in the passenger seat, Chaz in the second row with his legs stretched out diagonally. Brady skims his hands down the sides of the steering wheel and reaches for the ignition.

"Ceremony," Todd says, arresting Brady's fingers as they push the key in, before it turns.

Brady gives him a look across the center console, but Todd lifts up an unmarked CD as if oblivious. He turns it both ways with a magician's flourish, so it splashes light all over the inside of the SUV. Then he slides it into the player. "Now."

When Brady hits the ignition, the strains of Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" theme fills the car.

Brady sighs, a bubble of tension he hadn't even known he was feeling evaporating. "We're back."

"Thank God," says Chaz from the back seat. "For a second, I was afraid it was the mashup."