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Author Topic: ACTF 2.0?  (Read 2397 times)
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« on: July 14, 2014, 10:08:09 am »

This sub-board has been too-long-unloved, and since I don't really know where else to put this, I'm waking it up.  So: who's in the lineup for the next version of the ACTF?

Lau's in charge, obviously, and I'm assuming that Tan will stay on board (and I'm guessing he's going to have some *serious* survivor guilt issues to work through).  Let's say that the full complement of agents is about eight.  If I were Lau, here's who I'd get to fill those other seats:

-A couple of experienced BAU agents.  Pauley, obviously, because he already know what the Anomaly is and how the team works, and because Celentano will want a team player (read: company man) to fill the first-mate slot (and Pete's already a SSA, so he's got the rank).  Lisa Marshall would be an excellent draft pick as well: she's got the academic cred (I'm guessing her Ph.D. is in abnormal or forensic psych) and the international-liaison skills that the team's new exposure will surely demand.

-A couple of experienced cops, where "experienced" means "have already been up against an anomalous offender."  Saul Zingermann is the obvious pick for this; I'd also go for Marisol Nield ("Uniform").  Winona Spencer would be great, but she's on the high side of the age line, and I can't see her leaving her job on the rez to work with the FBI.

-Two newbies, either recruited fresh from Quantico or headhunted from other FBI departments.  Lau can't really replace Hafidha, but she's gonna need someone to do the computer bits; for some interesting intra-agency tension, she could pull someone from White Collar Crimes for this.  She'll also want someone with a military background to handle the shooty bits that would have landed in Todd's lap previously: maybe a vet who had an anomalous encounter in her past (on the battlefield or in the barracks?).

An interesting twist would be the addition of an on-call SWAT team of irregulars: gammas who've been through the implant treatment and are now Using Their Powers for Good.  Suze Zettler and Natalie Summers seem like good choices for this, based on both abilities and temperament.


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« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2014, 09:09:37 pm »

How much of the implant program was Beale behind? THat might limit our Gammas trust factor.

They're gonna want at least one Beta (or Gamma) in the team, though. Both for general durability and for a little extra edge.

What is Lau like as a leader, though? That will at least influence what she thinks of as a "full team".

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