Shadow Unit

Case Files

Teasers & Deleted Scenes

Season 2

"La Befana" J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C. December 2007


LA BEFANA. Sofia Akadiou, 32. Former UNICEF health worker who survived an attack on a village in the Central African Republic that left her blind in one eye and required the amputation of her right foot.

"Lies" J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C., December 2008

Reyes & Todd

Stephen Reyes is thinking about lies.

"Ice" Ashton, VA, August 2008


Special Agent Lau kept her promise.

"Consumption" Ashton, VA, January 2008

Reyes & Todd

Reyes wishes they wouldn't call her Mrs. Chow.

"Disintegration" Ashton, VA, 2007 - 2008


They are putting Mr. Friendly back together.

"Dragons" J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington DC, February 2009

Reyes & Todd

Late at night, when the kids have gone off to their husbands and their wives and their lovers and their empty beds, to their assignations and their concerts and their youthful heartbreaks, Stephen Reyes sits in his office and watches the tapes.

"Prayer" Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore, MD, October 2008

Chaz & Frost

"Do you believe in prayer, Dr. Villette?"

"The Scene" Somewhere in Virginia, March 2009


Spring, Solomon Todd thought, should always be like this.

"Truth" Way back in '68, Ohio, Kent State (no way, wrong date)


In May of 1970, the great Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote, Of course: / Bullets don't like people / who love flowers.

"Misadventure" Somewhere and somewhen in California


Stink of greasy denim sweaty in the dry California heat.

"Tactics" J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C., October 2008


Victor Celentano kept his office on the cold side.

"Sufficient" Washington, D. C., October 27, 2008

Worth & Chaz

Daphne Worth knows better.

"Acronyms" 10:00 AM, October 31, 2008, Washington, D.C.


Kay Baylor is fiftyish, frowning, brown-haired, rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed.

"Limits" Rockville, MD, January 2009

Worth & Chaz

Daphne Worth lies back on the yielding blue-carpeted floor, her aching forearms spread wide, palms curled upwards, eyes just resting closed.

"Boundaries" Woodbridge, VA, November 2008


Danny Brady learned to cook from his Grandmother Gilmer, because she put him to work when he came and hid out with her in the kitchen.

"So Open To The Dark" Washington, D.C., November 2008


Even indoors in the stuffy apartment building hallway, Hafidha felt the cold.

"Powers" J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington D.C., March 2009

Worth & Hafidha

"Lau would be the Toxic Avenger," Hafs says, feet kicked up on her desk and her braids swinging like pendulums as her head lolls--or lols--over the back of her Aeron.

"Community Service" Facebook chat transcript, Somewhere in the internet, April 7, 2009


"Boys" Washington D.C., February 2009


You turned away from some Boy's appraising eyes in the mirror and curled your hands around the glass, wondered if you should drink

"Water Flowing Underground" Silver Spring, MD, February 2009


You can't get a decent chicken pot pie in the state of Maryland.

"Daffodils" Howard University Hospital, Washington, D.C., January 2009


The next time Stephen Reyes opened his eyes, he expected to find himself alone, and he was.

"Ghost" J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C., April 2009

Reyes & Chaz

He'd released a ghost into the bullpen.

"Jellybeans" J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C., April 2009

Hafidha & Chaz

Hafidha smelled the coffee and heard the footsteps before they accompanied Chaz into the Sanctum Sanctorum.