Shadow Unit

FBI Headquarters, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C. February, 2002

Reyes leaned against the doorframe, fiddling with the string of his tea bag. "You're a natural for this one."

Todd observed that why, yes, he could still be surprised. "No, no. I'm unnatural for everything. It's my defining character note."

People Reyes smiled at had to be good at sorting out which smile-shaped expression they were getting. This was the slow, almost-comfortable one. Could be good, could be a rain of frogs. Todd reserved judgment.

"Exactly." Reyes squeezed the tea bag between thumb and two fingers and flicked it into the trash. "Come see me when you get a break. I'll fill you in."

"Are there four horsemen involved?"

Reyes pushed away from the doorframe. His smile widened alarmingly. "Not yet."

Todd watched him down the hall and around the corner out of sight. "Mama told me not to come," he sighed.